• Comma Conundrum

    When writing a list, do you include a serial comma (also called an Oxford comma) before the conjunction in a series of three or more terms?  Weigh in on this common comma debate. Would your list read:
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  • Throwback Thursday- MSOE Athletics

    Our post for this week is on athletics.  Athletics have long had a place at MSOE.  Here are a few pages from Rise to Success through Electricity: A Photo Story of the Milwaukee School of Engineering that hig...
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  • The Daily Dean: Mardi Gras!

    Today is Fat Tuesday, which means it's time to consume a few calories in the form of King Cake. My wife and I made a couple last night, and I brought one into the office. So if you feel like having a slice of some hom...
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  • Faculty/Staff Phone Directory

    This printable faculty/staff directory will be updated on the fourth Monday of every month. For up-to-date information, please visit our internal resource. This was last updated on March 24, 2014
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  • Past St. Pat's Events

    Various Events have taken place during St. Pat's Week.  Here are some images and news clippings documenting some of the events. Parade participation in 1952.   A Talent or Variety Show from 1952....
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  • Eggs will drop at MSOE

    Wacky week of fun kicks off Friday, March 14 in honor of St. Patrick, patron saint of engineers WHAT: Egg Drop Contest WHEN: Friday, March 14, starting at noon WHERE: Werwath Mall, 500 E. Kilbourn Ave. (between the...
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  • Welcome Week Schedule

    *Current as of 8-22-13   Welcome Week is our way of acquainting you with YOUR university and people who care about you and your entire MSOE experience. We are proud of MSOE and want to show you why. MSOE is many...
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  • Throwback Thursday- National Engineers Week

    In honor of National Engineers Week, this week's post is a flyer from Career Demonstration Day 1958.  This was MSOE's second annual Career Demonstration held in observance of National Engineers Week.  This f...
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  • Week 10 - Pirate Ship Book and Model Kit

    Looking for a good beginner’s model? Or just to learn more about pirates? Pirate Ship is a title in Barron's Explorer's Guides-- activity kits that feature a fun book attached to the box's inside front cover, ...
  • Throwback Thursday- Campus Center

    Did you know that the Campus Center has been standing since the 1940s?  The building was originally home to the Blatz Brewery's offices and bottling operation and was later the headquarters for Pabst.  MSOE ...
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  • Some history on a sock a day...

    This is so amazing!! By the eighteenth century, an Icelandic servant girl was expected to be able to produce one long stocking, or to card. spin. and knit a pair of short socks each day.   Dudes... card spin an...
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  • Does anyone know who teaches the Spanish language courses at MSOE?

    Hi all, I am trying to find out who teaches Spanish classes at MSOE? I know a student who is very interested in signing up for Spanish next quarter, but has questions as to what level he would be at after four years...
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  • How do you use the library?

    The MSOE Walter Schroeder Library receives hundreds of visitors daily, but we would like to know how you like to use the library.
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  • Favorite/Best Browser?

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  • Is MSOE. going to close during this cold snap? Milwaukee area schools and businesses started to announce they were closing on Friday

    It is ridiculous that the school is open in -40 degree windchill
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  • Throwback Thursday-- MSOE displays a new computer

    In November and December 1955, MSOE had a shiny new IBM computer on display. In this photograph, students watch as a supervising customer service engineer from IBM demonstrates the new machine. (From: Bulletin Relay,...
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  • Access journal articles on MSOE's subscribed databases

    I understand that the Milwaukee School of Engineering has subscriptions to various databases; however, when I access EBSCO Host or CINAHL through the MSOE's Library web page, I am unable to access the articles without...
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  • Throwback Thursday-- First Graduating Class of MEs

    Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m part of Team Archives here at the MSOE Library.   Today’s Throwback Thursday item comes from the December 1956 issue of the MSOE Bulletin Relay. On December 20th, 1956 MSOE...
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  • Throwback Thursday- 1930s EE Earnings

    As finals week is winding down, its good to remember what your education can be worth.  This article from an early 1930s bulletin gives students and prospective students information on the value of an electrical ...
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  • Throwback Thursday- Then and Now

    This week we found a scrapbook from the early 1900s, that was probably put together by a member of the Werwath family.   Here are a few pictures from it of scenes from around Milwaukee.  It's interesting t...
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