Sarah Rowell
New movies to be added shortly to the Walter Schroeder Library's Entertainment DVD Collection: 

Time Lapse, Project Almanac, Unfinished Business, The Lazarus Effect, Chappie, and Song of the Sea. 

If you haven't stopped by to take a look, you should. Use is free if DVDs are returned when due. You get to borrow up to 5 at a time. Plus, you can check out our movies for a whole week, not just a day (take that Redbox!)  :)
Sarah Rowell
I am getting ready to catalog some new fiction for the Walter Schroeder Library. Authors include Neil Gaiman, John Green, Andy Weir, Stephen King, John Sandford, Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts, and James Dashner. This is not exhaustive, though, so give me a couple of hours and stop by to see what we just got in. 
willie lewis
good morning...happy tuesday...well atleast for me...after doing a 12 hr shift today, i get off @ 8pm...and then my 5 day birthday (june 10) weekend BEGINS!!
Sarah Rowell
Ack! One of those jumpy spiders fell from above and landed right in front of me! That is the last thing he'll ever do. Now what to do with this left over adrenaline?
Sarah Rowell
Movies soon to be ready for checkout: Mr. Turner, Taken3, Two Night Stand, and The Duff. 
Sarah Rowell
Tomorrow is national donut day - don't forget to swing by a Krispy Kreme for a free one (no purchase necessary) or if you're inclined to get a beverage anyway, Dunkin' Donuts will include a free donut with purchase. 
Sarah Rowell
Can you please help me with my homework? Just two quick questions I am supposed to get feedback on.  

If you DO use The Walter Schroeder Library:
1- What does our library not offer or in what area could we do better?
2- How are we different from other campus organizations?

If you DO NOT use The Walter Schroeder Library:
1-What is important to you at this university?
2-What does our library not offer that you'd like to see?
Sarah Rowell
If you have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering there is work for you at Marquette University:
Research Assistant job - Marquette University - M...
Sarah Rowell
Finally, we can get to that personal reading list we made for a less busy time. Stop by the library and grab a fun read, a fast read, or a fulfilling read. This is reading is not required, but definitely recommended.
Sarah Rowell
We get to host the EECS Senior Design Show in (and around) the library today! Come and see all the amazing projects our students have been working on. It will boggle the mind. 11AM - 2:30PM @ the Walter Schroeder Library.
Sarah Rowell
I quick reminder to those of you who are heading out of town soon: please check to make sure you haven't packed up any library books or DVDs by accident.

Remember we have the 24/7 deposit slot by the library building front doors so you can return our items at any time. 

Thank you all for another wonderful year! Take care!
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