Sarah Rowell
Go Packers!
Sarah Rowell
I am thinking of all the possibilites that an almost 40 degree day on Saturday will offer. What will you do with your "warm" day?
Sandy Everts
Kudos to MSOE student Marty Bridge who helped people during the snowfall last week!
Lena Scheibengraber
Are you confused about who to include on the FAFSA (mom, dad, grandma, etc.)? Don't fear, flowcharts are here! Check out   FAFSA FAQs: Who is my Parent? to answer your questions. 
Sarah Rowell
To drivers and pedestrians alike: please be careful out there.  With all this new snow, it is going to be difficult for vehicles to come to an abrupt stop so no sudden movements in traffic please. 
Sarah Rowell
At least with the sun out it almost looks warm...
Sarah Rowell
I know you're probably spending some time at home and maybe feeling a little penned up and put upon as your parents make demands on your time. Try to be a little patient with them. It is tricky as a parent to have to try to evolve your image of your child as they grow up and become adults. Case in point, my little girl, who is not so little anymore, is getting a grown-up rocker hair cut and purple hair today.  
James Kieselburg
The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg
Completed in 1850, The Bookworm quickly became one of the most recognized and beloved paintings in Germany and beyond.  It was ultimately acquired by Milwaukee industrialist René von Schleinitz, who bequeathed the painting to the Milwaukee Public Library.  The Bookworm is now on permanent loan to the Grohmann Museum and currently on view. 
Sarah Rowell
Welcome back, everybody! I hope this new quarter treats you well!
Rose Didier
I'm proud to announce that I have completed all of the required course work for the Certificate in Technical Communication here at the Milwaukee School of Engineering!!
Sarah Rowell
One of our student workers just landed a job with Rockwell. We're so happy for her!
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