Sarah Rowell posted 2 years ago
You've probably seen that email from MSOE Global Brigades asking for donations of commonly used OTC drugs. Before you ignore their plea for help, try to remember the last time you needed some medicine and how you felt at the time. You probably had a headache, or your sinuses were killing you. Maybe your child was sick. People in Panama get sick too and have a lot less access to medicine. Please donate if you can.


  • Sarah Rowell

    Sarah Rowell 2 years ago

    Just as a quick follow-up: Places like The Dollar Tree have OTC medicines like those on the Global Brigades' list with the same active ingredients so you can make a nice donation towards the cause without breaking the bank (just maybe skip Starbucks a couple times this week). Store brands and generics work, too. The people in need aren't going to care if the brand name on the bottle spent thousands on advertising or not as long as they get better. Thank you!