Seandra Mitchell
Though I'm so late, kudos to the Pre-College Team, and the Summer Program Assistants, for such a GREAT t-shirt.  I really love the design of this year's shirt!! Don't be surprised if you see me…
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Rose Didier
Has anyone else been receiving multiple "phishing" emails lately?  I have and I'm wondering whether or not this is a campus-wide issue or if it's just me?
Paul Fabian
It appears that Game Over Zeus, malware that targets your financial data, is making a resurgence. While we have threat detection in place, it's not foolproof. Stay vigilant about SPAM and phishing emails, especially those with attachments!
Ian Hyzy
The MSOE doc for setting up accounts on Android looks like it's only for Samsung devices, as the Email app for stock Android 4.4 (possibly earlier) only includes the…
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Paul Fabian
Instructions to update to Jenzabar 4.6.5 and 4.6.52
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Paul Fabian
There will be a Full Network Outage on Wednesday, July 9th beginning at 9:30 PM. It is expected to last until midnight. This outage will allow us to create redundancies for the internet and network…
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David Howell
I was walking to Starbucks at Red Arrow Park the other day and found a host of food trucks parked on Water Street, just on the other side of the ice rink. Each truck had a long line of people waiting…
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Megan Waelti
Don't forget to check out Jazz in the Park this summer!  It's one of my favorite events in downtown Milwaukee!  Jazz in the Park | East Town Association | Milwau...
Gerald Soriano
Hello all,   I am wondering about the group policy settings that are enforced on our laptops. I have tried installing Spotify and Firefox without any success. When installing Firefox, I encounter…
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Paul Fabian
If you got the mysterious "Your account has exceeded its megabyte limit" email, it's not legit. Please don't click. We're looking into the impact of it now and will update when we have more info. 
Exercise caution whenever you see stuff like this.
Paul Fabian
SSLVPN has been restored. You will be asked to download version 2.0.1 of GlobalProtect. 
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