• !92 Credit 4x4 Proposal

    9/6/13 10:00 AM
    You are invited to attend a meeting to present the 192 Credit 4x4 Proposal.   If you cannot attend I will be happy to come and give you the information.   Thank you,   Fred Berry
    Frederick Berry
    created by Frederick Berry
    !92 Credit 4x4 Proposal

    by Frederick Berry

  • Lunch and Welcome Week Closing with Vice President Berry

    9/6/13 12:00 PM
    All new students are invited to join us for a FREE lunch with the Vice President for Academics, Dr. Frederick Berry as he brings your first week to a close.
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    Lunch and Welcome Week Closing with Vice President Berry

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  • Academic Department Program

    9/5/13 2:00 PM
    During this time frame, each Academic Department has the opportunity to meet with their new freshmen and transfer students. Each individual Academic Department will determine what this session will consist of. New stu...
    Academic Department Program

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  • Meet your mentor

    9/3/13 4:00 PM
    Freshmen students have been assigned to a Faculty or Staff mentor. Each freshman is requested to meet with their Mentor during their assigned session.
    Meet your mentor

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