• SE Academic Advising

    Advising policyAll software engineering students are encouraged to meet with their advisor whenever they have questions regarding their academic and career plans. SE students must see their advisor quarterly to discus...
    Chris Taylor
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  • Is there a way to block all content from a particular user?

    While this doesn't happen often, I occasionally find it in my best interest to ignore post from a particular user.  Is there any way in the HUB to hide all content from a given user so that I don't see notificati...
    Chris Taylor
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  • Professor evaluations/suggestions throughout the year?

    I'm starting to come to the conclusion along with many other students about the evaluations we take on professors. Why are they only after we take the class? While it is helpful for future students, it is leaving curr...
    Jonathan Kuderer
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  • Can I choose a non-MSOE email to receive hub notifications?

    I'd like to receive notifications, but I don't want to clog my MSOE email.
    Chris Taylor
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  • Quick lunch ideas around MSOE?

    Can you come up with quick, yummy lunch ideas around MSOE? Please keep them to 45 min. round-trip, including walking and eating time.
    William Farrow
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  • Remember Me

    I find that I can work my way around the new site fairly easily. I have heard complaints from others though, i think mainly because of the different design. I do have to get used to how searching the site has changed,...
    Andrew Dieteberger
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  • Correct & Helpful Answers

    Does anyone know if you can mark someone else's answer as helpful if it isn't your own question?  I think it would be useful if you could.  Thanks everyone!
    Megan Waelti
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