• FIFA World Cup: Brazil vs. Croatia - 3:00pm CC 3rd Floor

    Join Student Activities and SUB tomorrow, Thursday, June 12th, as they watch the start of the FIFA World Cup! We will be gathering on the Campus Center 3rd Floor TV high rise around 2:50pm to watch the Brazil vs. Croa...
    Student Activities
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  • What is your favorite part about Milwaukee?

    I would love to know!
    Haley Anderson
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  • Summer Food Offerings

    Are you an international student planning to stay over during the summer months in the Residence Halls?  YES?? What types of food would you like to see being offered for the summer sessions? Please, prov...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • What is your suggestion for electronic note taking?

    One of my EN132 students asked for ideas for how to take and manage notes electronically (as an alternative to paper index cards), specifically for research papers and keeping track of database articles. I told him I'...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • New Year's Celebration Around the World!!!

    How does your country celebrate the arrival of the NEW YEAR?  Do you have pictures or special stories to share? International or not we would like to hear from ALL!!!! Dubai created what it called the world's ...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • What are you looking forward to this school year?

    The start of a new school year is always exciting. What are you looking forward to most this year?
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • International Graduate Application Deadlines and Information of Conditional Admission

    I  want to apply for MS in Structural Engineering, but I didn't find the application deadlines. Can anybody help me with that? Also my TOEFL score may not be able to meet the requirement, so I would like to know...
    Qi Tian
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  • Do you like our Logo?

    In an effort to make our page look more complete, I came up with this logo/picture.  Nothing fancy- just something to identify ourselves with until we decide on a better one. What do you think? Should we keep it...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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