• $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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  • Are you satisfied with the technology package?

    We're all familiar with the technology package here at MSOE. Over the years, I've heard many people complain that they didn't believe it's worth it. I've yet to hear someone praise the mandatory program.   Are w...
    Andrew Moore
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  • Fridge, Microwave, Freezer, etc. for Student Use

    Is there a refrigerator, freezer, or microwave for students(mainly commuters) to use for packed lunches?
    Kiean Gill
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  • Box.com

    Can someone describe to me what box.com does that Google Drive doesn't? And who made the decision to pay for that service? Is this where our technology fee is really going?
    Tyler Evert
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  • Cooperative Learning at MSOE

    Hello everyone,   I just submitted my application about two weeks ago, and I'm eager to hear back about the decision soon!   One question I had was about the co-op program (if any) at MSOE. Co-ops are some...
    Ryan Koeppen
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  • What is a good # of visits home by an out of state freshman?

    Fred Blessinger
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  • 2014 Fall Freshman

    Hello! My name is Brett and I am an incoming freshman. I would love to be a part of the orchestra next year if possible. I have played viola since 4th grade and have always loved playing in my school orchestras. I wou...
    Brett Samuelson
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  • Parents and Family Weekend Schedule 2013

    As of 9/19/2013
    Digital Marketing
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  • Hub Profile Policy for Employees

    Hub, MSOE's social community, is a part of MSOE's culture and is a tool for workflow within the university.   Faculty and staff profiles within Hub influence the public perspective of MSOE, as well as populate t...
    Digital Marketing
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  • Does MSOE have a documented organizational structure

    I'm sitting with a student and we tried find information on the key administrative and department heads within MSOE.  We uncovered a list of academic dept heads in the registrar's area, but no info on adminstrati...
    Beth Slayman
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  • Urgent: Email pfishing attack occurring on MSOE campus.

    You may be receiving the following email in your inbox:   " Dear User, MSOE- new year email upgrade .   To avoid any interruption please click the link below and upgrade your e-mail Click Here to Up...
    Walter Schilling
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  • What is your suggestion for electronic note taking?

    One of my EN132 students asked for ideas for how to take and manage notes electronically (as an alternative to paper index cards), specifically for research papers and keeping track of database articles. I told him I'...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • Traffic in Chicago

    Dealing with Chicago traffic has been a pain (coming from mid-Central Indiana) - any advice other than going through on a Sunday morning?
    Fred Blessinger
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  • How do I upload my schedule from mymsoe to outlook without scheduler?

    I found instructions for sending a schedule to outlook after using scheduler. I already have my schedule and do not know how to send it to outlook from mymsoe. Does this option exist? If not is anyone interested in wr...
    Arsalon Amini-Hajibashi
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  • Rockwell Collins Industry Day Visit and R&D Center Tour

    On Monday, December 9rd, Rockwell Collins (an industry partner of the EECS Department) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be on campus at MSOE.  Rockwell Collins has graciously sponsored a dinner for MSOE students, and w...
    Walter Schilling
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  • Week 5: You've made it to the halfway point!

    Now is a good time to check and see how you're doing in your classes. Ask your instructors to fill out a Midterm Progress Report for you.   (Forms are available on the EECS Hub page, in the EECS office, or in th...
    Emily Vogel
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  • Are there student discounts for taking an Amtrak from Milwaukee?

    My online inquiry has a round trip from Milwaukee to Chicago Union Station at $48.  Might be nice to trim off some of that.
    Tracy Miller
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  • Access to Faculty Evaluations?

    How do I find the link to the faculty evaluations results?  I am referring to evaluations that students fill out after every course. 
    Olga Imas
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  • Password Change

    How do you go about changing your password for HUB login?   Thanks!
    Megan Waelti
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  • Playing in the Orchestra

    I had someone show interest in being in the orchestra, but said that they didn't have an instrument. Could they still join? Or does anyone have any suggestions on finding one?
    Nancy Tanaka
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