Karl Barth
My hours for the Raider Center for Academic Success are:

M: 3-5 PM
W: 12-2 PM and 3-4 PM
R: 3-4 PM
F: 3-4:30 PM

Sun: Sub 5-9 PM

Please come see me for all of your writing needs!

Raider Center for Academic Success  
Josiebel Sambolin
Are you an international student planning to stay over during the summer months in the Residence Halls?  YES?? What types of food would you like to see being offered for the summer sessions?…
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Student Activities
Join  Student Union Board for a Talent Show competition.  MSOE students can sign up by contacting Alex Fuerst at fuersta@msoe.edu . This event will feature various talents.  Last year's event…
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