Karl Barth posted 2 years ago
Well, it has been a while since I have posted on the HUB. Personally, I think the HUB is a great idea and has a lot of potential. I have some ideas that would make it better but I do not know who to talk to or that they will even listen. So I am posting those ideas here:

1. Create a notification bar. This means that you will always get notified of updates and what not...App form?

2. Create incentives for active use...


  • Ruth Spragins

    Ruth Spragins 2 years ago

    What do you mean about notification bar? Do you mean for potential students or for students already here? But I would totally be down for a point system. I think it would be a cool incentive for people. However, I feel like some people would complain because some would be at an advantage. I know for my job at admissions, I need/should be posting things, commenting, connecting to people. I feel like that wouldn't be fair if I was getting more points and getting paid to get those points (if that makes sense). How would you address that?
  • Karl Barth

    Karl Barth 2 years ago

    Thank you for the comment, Ruth. The notification bar would be an active component that indicates you have comments or suggestions from the HUB even when you are offline. An App form of this would be great because almost all of the students are attached to their phones. 

    If you take the time to rack up points it shouldn't matter for what. An incentive will get people active. The point values would be rather extreme though but students should be rewarded for their work. Ruth Spragins
  • Tyler Tiegs

    Tyler Tiegs 2 years ago

    Kip Kussman is probably the person you want to talk to. I know they are working on a mobile version of the site and they have since decommissioned the old MSOE app. So it might be closer than you think..
  • Kip Kussman

    Kip Kussman 2 years ago

    All great ideas...there is gamification on the site where the more badges you earn the more points you get.  Click on your avatar and then "reputation." We have lots of plans for implementing more of an incentive program so stay tuned for that!  The notification bar is an interesting idea Karl Barth I'd like to hear more about it. We are always looking for student input on how to make the site better. 
  • Karl Barth

    Karl Barth 2 years ago

    Good to know! Thanks Kip Kussman....What will the proposed incentive program consist of? 

    The inspiration for the notification bar comes from outlook and the new implementation in Google Drive...It is kinda of like a newsfeed but stays active on your screen...I feel that if the users were always notified of updates, changes, information, etc...they would be more active and the HUB would gain the positive attention it well deserves. It is revolutionary and innovative but needs to be more organic and appealing to its users. 

    Keep up the good work, it is nice to know that my voice has been heard :) 

    I am excited to see what happens next!
  • Kip Kussman

    Kip Kussman 2 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words, Karl. It is important to us that all students know they have a a voice in all of this. We are still working on details of the incentive program, but it will involve campus-wide contests as well as more gamification within the site and other shenanigans. I have added your notification bar to our backlog for the site which means it's on our list of features to investigate for the site.  Thanks again.