• Google Scholar is a Must!

    Have you ever been stuck trying to find research for a paper or uncertain how to cite your sources in MLA/APA format? If so, check out Google Scholar. Not to mention, these are scholarly articles. Stop using Wiki. As ...
    Dan Meiser
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  • 16 Great Engineering Schools You Never Hear About

    "Conventional wisdom holds that MIT, Cal Tech, and Stanford are three of the country’s best undergraduate engineering schools. Unfortunately, when conventional wisdom visits the topic of best engineering schools...
    Walter Schilling
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  • Good morning, Grohmann Museum

    Good morning, MSOE!  It's a crisp, sunny morning in Milwaukee, and I'm so fortunate to have my office located in the Grohmann Museum.   Facing EastFacing West
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • River walk

    So yesterday I was extremely tired! After the like 7 hours of class all I wanted to do was sleep! But after ice skating with a few if the other "campers" I thought maybe the walk could be fun. Weirdly it's was actuall...
    Gwendolyn Flores
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  • Our Marine Fisheries— Strategies for Stopping Their Decline and Promoting Recovery

    The Man at Work Collection--Studies in Sustainability Installment Ten:  “Our Marine Fisheries— Strategies for Stopping Their Decline and Promoting Recovery” By Deborah L Jackman, PhD, PE, LEED A...
    Deborah Jackman
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  • Milwaukee County Historical Society

      So on Friday (June 13) some of my co-workers (JessalynnRose) and I went to the Milwaukee County Historical Society, located at 910 N Old World 3rd St. There is a $5 admissions fee. It was very interesting lear...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Society of American Military Engineers honors MSOE student

    Dylan Shiltz, a senior mechanical engineering student, received the SAME ROTC Award of Merit. The award was presented by U.S. Navy Rear Admiral David Steindl on behalf of the Society of American Military Engineers (SA...
    MSOE News Services
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  • Down with Research Papers!   The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.htm

    An interesting view on the validity of college research paper writing.
    Nathaniel Silgen
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  • Wisconsin Road Trips

    Madison-area entrepreneur and travel journalist Julie (Furst) Henning, an MSOE Technical Communication graduate, was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio this past Friday, talking about interesting places to explore in W...
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • SPOKEN WORD POETRY - Very Impactful

    I am sharing this video because I found it to be extremely impactful...I hope you agree. Patrick Roche is a 21 year old student at Princeton University.   Patrick Roche - "21" (CUPSI 2014) - YouTube FOLLOW PA...
    Richard Gagliano
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  • Last chance to see photos by Jake Gyllenhaal co-star

    Okay, that headline may be a bit of a cheat.  But it's the truth, even if slightly stretched.  There's just one week left to see the gorgeous photographs of steam locomotives taken by O. Winston Link at the ...
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • What's the difference between grammar, punctuation, and mechanics?

    Was I ever surprised to discover that lots of people want to know the answer!   A year and a half ago I noticed in the stats/analytics section of my personal blog (Katherine Wikoff | Ideas on creativity, innovat...
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • [Gerald's Journey] - Travelling to MSOE

    Hello all,   This will be the the first entry of my new blog Gerald's Journey. I will be talking about my journey from start to finish at MSOE. As of right now, I don't know how many entries I'll make but I hope...
    Gerald Soriano
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  • Throwback Thursday - MSOE's First Female Teacher

    Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from a 1918 issue of Electroforce—a publication which included articles written by area electrical engineers and news from the School of Engineering of Milwaukee.  &n...
    Lindsay Bastian
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  • Past St. Pat's Events

    Various Events have taken place during St. Pat's Week.  Here are some images and news clippings documenting some of the events. Parade participation in 1952.   A Talent or Variety Show from 1952....
    Denise Gergetz
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  • Exhibit of Artworks by MSOE University Scholars Program Students

    11/15/13 12:00 PM
    You're Invited to the 4th Annual Reception     Exhibit of Artworks by MSOE University Scholars Program Students     Friday, November 15, 2013 Noon to 1:00pm Grohmann Museum Lower Level Lounge &nb...
    Exhibit of Artworks by MSOE University Scholars Program Students

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  • City of Milwaukee's Christmas Tree arrives at Red Arrow Park

    One nice "extra" of working at MSOE is our campus's downtown Milwaukee location.  It's fun to be in the center of city happenings.  Yesterday as I walked to Starbucks around ten o'clock for a meeting, I took...
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • What’s happening with the “washerwomen” at the Grohmann Museum?

    One of the paintings Grohmann Museum collection at MSOE will soon go missing. The museum is loaning Jules Breton’s The Washerwomen of the Breton Coast (1870, oil on canvas, 53 ¼ x 79 ¼ in.) to the ...
    MSOE News Services
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  • Creative Approaches to Email Hoarding

    I am an email hoarder. I admit it. The proof is in my gmail account, which reads "9.26 GB (61%) of 15 GB used." That is a lot of email. Some of it is junk that I'm in the process of deleting, but much of it I want to...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • The Hunger Games

    I just read the book The Hunger Games.  I haven't seen the movie.  A few thoughts on what I read: It was certainly a gripping read. I had conflicting feelings feelings inside throughout the book.  The...
    Mark Anderson
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