Sarah Rowell
O.K. Can someone please explain to me the increadible backlash there has been against the Comic Sans font? I had no idea there were such stong feelings about it.
Katherine Wikoff
Looking forward to tonight's  Great Books Dinner and Discussion Series event!
Katherine Wikoff
Looking for something different and interesting to do this summer?  The Milwaukee Public Library is offering tours of its downtown Central Library branch's green roof twice a week on Wednesdays at noon and Saturdays at 10 AM.  For more info:
Walter Schroeder Library
Just because you don't have a research paper due or a final to study for, doesn't mean you should avoid the library. We have fun books to read, periodicals to page through, and movies to watch. Visit us weekdays from 8am - 4:30pm. 
Katherine Wikoff
On days like this it's good to know the MSOE Bookstore sells umbrellas!
Katherine Wikoff
FYI, Starbucks aficionados: The Red Arrow Starbucks is being remodeled over the next week and a half.  The interim schedule is posted on their door, but I thought I'd share it to save you from the HEARTBREAK of finding out the day of :)

Monday 4/21 closed
Tuesday 4/22 - Tuesday 4/29 limited hours 6 am till 7 pm with a mobile café in the park
Wednesday 4/30 closed
Thursday 5/1 reopens
Katherine Wikoff
Good morning, MSOE!