Corban Rowland posted 11 months ago
MSOE is my top choice at this point in time. I am approximately 85% sure I will attend. I have see what else I am offered. 


  • Megan Waelti

    Megan Waelti 11 months ago

    That is great Corban!  Let us know if you questions and make sure to be watching the Financial Aid Office for scholarships every Monday!
  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 11 months ago

    Corban this is great news!!!
  • Elle Meinholz

    Elle Meinholz 11 months ago

    YAY Corban! Was it the fencing club that sold you?  :)

    Once we get in to March, I will give you a call so we can talk about your financial aid package and how we can make MSOE happen for you :)

    Let me know if you need anything!
  • Corban Rowland

    Corban Rowland 11 months ago

    The fencing club did have a big impact. I'll let you know. 
  • Brody Brown

    Brody Brown 11 months ago

    Oh there's a fencing club at MSOE too. Another item for my list of clubs to check out when I get there this fall. Thanks for the info. :D