Jordan Balcerzak posted 9 months ago
So does MSOE IT Helpdesk no longer have an email address at which I can contact them? Pretty sure I got a phishing email that I wanted to make them aware of, but I can't seem to find anything but their phone number... And a conversation over the phone doesn't help all that much when they need to see the email and check out the MSOE HUB  @


  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 9 months ago

    Jordan,  I can tell you they are aware of the phishing scam but that doesn't address your question about the email address.

    Peter Pfister or Jen Haro, is there an email we can publish or would you prefer to receive screen shots a different way?
  • Peter Pfister

    Peter Pfister 9 months ago

    Submitting an incident in ITDirect with the screen shot attached is the supported way to notify IT.  There is no monitored inbox for IT support.  However, can be used in addition to calling the Helpdesk.