Damon Roberts posted 1 year ago
Does anyone have any tips for incoming freshmen?? I'll admit I'm worried about next year..


  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 1 year ago

    Hey Damon!  I remember going in to my freshman year and feeling nervous as well!  My biggest piece of advice is get involved on campus because then you will make lots of connections around campus!  If you ever feel that you need help in your studies, just ask someone!  There are lots of resources on campus to help you!

    Now, perhaps we can get some other people to weigh in... Jake Bradley , Patrick Van Handel , Leah Thomas any other tips?!
  • Leah Thomas

    Leah Thomas 1 year ago

    Hi Damon,
    Having worries coming into freshman year is completely normal. Being a freshman, I'm still adjusting and the big changes were somewhat more recent for me. I am a commuting student, so that also presented some more challenges. The number one piece of advice that I can offer is always give things time. I was very nervous and had many doubts, but once classes started and I found my routine and I knew I had made the right choice. Another thing is to try new things that you may not normally try. Trying things can be from something as simple as going to a meeting of something you may not know a lot about or studying in a new place. In college, you get a new start, in a way a clean slate to start over with people. You can be anyone who you want to be in college, so embrace it and don't be afraid. Everyone at MSOE is so nice and they want you to feel part of it. Pretty much you can go and start a conversation with anyone. By this, I have met a lot of my friends here on campus. Although college is supposed to be all focused on the classes, which need a decent amount of time and dedication, you need to find a balance between school work and fun time.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions!
  • Codi Alger

    Codi Alger 1 year ago

    There are countless student orgs too! I would recommend joining one or two, its a great way to meet people and make friends.  
  • Jake Bradley

    Jake Bradley 1 year ago

    Hey Damon! I would definitely second everything Mandy, Leah, and Codi said. In addition, I would say something I didn't totally get until my junior year, which is asking for help if you need it. One of the huge advantages to going to a smaller school is the relationship you develop with your professors throughout your time here. Most of the professors are extremely accessible and care a lot about students doing well. It might seem scary at first, but definitely ask your professors if you need clarification on something because they are more than willing to help.. you'll be glad you did!