Loveday Roman
Just submitted my application to MSOE! So happy :)
Codi Alger
It was so great meeting all the students during week one of summer programs! 
Nils Hay
MSOE looks alot better after the week 1 summer program, really happy I took that camp
Dana Grennier
That feeling of "I did it!" after you figured something out that normally goes to another person but they are out today.  
Codi Alger
Looking forward to Summer Programs! Will any of you be joining us this summer? And if so, for what camp?
Codi Alger
Super excited and honored to be nominated for the Greek Advocate Award! Just hope that doesn't mean I have to wear a toga!  Hani Weckwerth
Lisa Sifferath
Looking for scholarship opportunities for the summer engineering program for a highly gifted female student-we don't qualify for the current scholarship programs posted. 
Elle Meinholz
I will be at the UIC Forum tomorrow night from 4-7 for the Noble Network College Fair! If you are around, please come say hi! On another note, I won't be back in the office until Monday, so Happy Easter everyone! Have a great weekend :)
Codi Alger
High of the day: That feeling you get when you get a duplicate in Jenzabar and you can just select match! Ahhh - the simple joys in life.
Lamia Tabara
is there any summer programs in MSOE
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