• Online Graduate Degrees

    MSOE plans to have three 100% online graduate degrees by the Fall of 2014. These degrees are,   M.S. in Engineering (MSE) M.S. In Engineering Management (MSEM) MBA in Organization   Thoughts?   Fre...
    Frederick Berry
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  • Milwaukee's hidden gems

    Residents of a city often miss its alluring features...we pass hot tourist spots every day and don't always know it. What are some of your favorite places to go in Milwaukee?
    Emily Vogel
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  • Graduate School or Industry

    Graduates from MSOE have two main paths upon graduation: Industry or Graduate School. Many of the  Engineering students choose graduate school because of the specializations that a Ph. D. or Masters can give them...
    Patrick Van Handel
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  • Thoughts on the new parking structure

    We would love to hear what you think as the grass is being rolled out.
    Dana Grennier
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