Tyler Dehn posted 2 years ago
Received this in the mail today. Words cannot express my happiness!


  • Jane Peterson

    Jane Peterson 2 years ago

    That's great, Tyler.  Congratulations!
  • Tara Caldwell

    Tara Caldwell 2 years ago

  • Seandra Mitchell

    Seandra Mitchell 2 years ago

    Hi Tyler,
    Congratulations on your acceptance to MSOE!  We are SUPER excited for you.  Don't forget to join the "Accepted Student Group 2014," and many of the other groups.  This will give you the opportunity to connect with current students, faculty and the Admission Staff.  Congrats!!
  • Sandy Everts

    Sandy Everts 2 years ago

    Congrats, it will be great to have you here!
  • Jenish Gandhi

    Jenish Gandhi 2 years ago

  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 2 years ago

    WOHOO! So excited for you Tyler!!  Congrats to you and all your hard work!! :)