Lars Woehlck
I like the idea of "MSOE University". It lets people know we are talking about a university without recognizing the name of the school, like UC-someliberalnonsensehere does. But I have some hangups…
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Lars Woehlck
Did you know you can get 5 points for creating a discussion?
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Josiebel Sambolin
It is important that you follow this policy as you may be charged $$$ for smoking in not approved areas! So, Where should you smoke?  Please read the MSOE Smoking Policy IF you are an…
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Billy Fyfe
MSOE is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide for a campus-wide emergency alert system.  This alerting system is capable of delivering messages to both your…
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Shrinikethan Bharanidharan
Hi,  I am a incoming freshman and applied in MSOE. I am interested in knowing your freshman experience in MSOE.  I have attended the summer camp and really liked it. Thank you.
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Kelsey Uuskallio
Click here to watch episode 2, Get to Class. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, MSOE Hub TV!
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