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IT - Thanks for quick action on Blackboard interruption. With an exam due at 4:00 p.m., some panic was beginning to ensue. 
James Friauf
Like the Featured News banner on HUB home page. Great addition. 
James Friauf
Guess who is getting the footballs ready for the game? 
Sandy Everts
If you see any of the Raider Hockey Team members, congratulate them on an outstanding win against St. Norbert's on Saturday night in Green Bay. St. Norbert's is ranked #1 nationally in NCAA Div III. You guys rock!
James Friauf
Forgot these posts have limited character capacity. 
Head of the Charles Sunday schedule: 

MSOE LW (light weight) 4+ rows at 2:22 CST, race 52. Bow #8. 
4: Jonathan Allen 
3: Caleb Vredenbregt 
2: Colin Kenow 
1: Eric Gardner 
c: Elizabeth Kelnhofer  Lizzie is the daughter of Professor Richard Kelnhofer (EECS). 
James Friauf
Watching live feed from The Head of the Charles in Boston. MSOE has 3 boats in the race

MSOE Alum boat 12:18 CST race #16 Bow #48. Alum crew
Michael Dorus  
Dave Taylor 
Michael Richter 
Luke Engebretson  
c: Lindsey Churchill (coxswain)

MSOE 4+  3:00 CST, race #26 Bow # 5
Thomas Woodard 
Finn Finucane 
Martin Bridge 
Wes Wolfram 
c: Cameron St. Clair

ROW Raiders!
James Friauf
I'm still here...