James Friauf
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Head of the Charles Sunday schedule: 

MSOE LW (light weight) 4+ rows at 2:22 CST, race 52. Bow #8. 
4: Jonathan Allen 
3: Caleb Vredenbregt 
2: Colin Kenow 
1: Eric Gardner 
c: Elizabeth Kelnhofer  Lizzie is the daughter of Professor Richard Kelnhofer (EECS). 
James Friauf
Watching live feed from The Head of the Charles in Boston. MSOE has 3 boats in the race

MSOE Alum boat 12:18 CST race #16 Bow #48. Alum crew
Michael Dorus  
Dave Taylor 
Michael Richter 
Luke Engebretson  
c: Lindsey Churchill (coxswain)

MSOE 4+  3:00 CST, race #26 Bow # 5
Thomas Woodard 
Finn Finucane 
Martin Bridge 
Wes Wolfram 
c: Cameron St. Clair

ROW Raiders!
James Friauf
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