• Best Place to Study

    Where would you choose as the "best place to study" after hours? (ex. not CC 3rd floor since it closes at 11).   Please include why as well!   Thank you!
    Danielle Sopiarz
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  • Switching Hub Email to Alumni Email

    Is it possible to change one's email address? I'm switching to the alumni email address, and the instructions said we could change our hub email. However, I cannot find any way to change it. Do all alumni have to make...
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • Pro's and Con's of MSOE?

    Any advice for soon to be freshmen looking into this college from out of state?
    Taylor Carman
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  • looking for a great shot of MSOE to make a wall hanging of.  Help?

    looking for a great shot of MSOE to make a wall hanging of.  Help?
    Bridget Runner
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  • Engineering

    I am thinking about going into engineering but I don't know which type I would like. Could you explain why you chose the engineering major you did, what it is all about, and some of the different subjects you have stu...
    Amy Kurr
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  • Bus Passes

    Does anyone else think it's kind of ridiculous that MSOE doesn't offer free or at least discounted bus passes? Every other college in downtown Milwaukee (e.g. Marquette, UWM, MIAD, etc.) offers them. I understand that...
    Kayla Grogan
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  • link to MSOE Bookstore

    is it possible to have a link put on here that will direct users to the MSOE Bookstore?
    Cheryl Myers
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  • How do i use this....

    Morning all, I asked the HUB to set up the bookstore with its own page, like the way the MSOE Library is set up, and was sent a      username and password...but do not know where or how to us...
    Cheryl Myers
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  • Is there a better way to locate rooms in the Science Building?

    Finding a particular room in the science building is a huge task and is really time consuming at times. There should be a better way to map or provide directions, especially to rooms that are not where they are expect...
    Chaitanya Kulkarni
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  • Still Time To Register for Cross Training!

    If you haven't registered for our fall conference Cross Training, there's still time!   InterVarsity Cross Training 2013 | Green Lake, WI Scholarships are available for those who are attending for their first t...
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • Fall Photo Contest

    Don't forget to submit your photos to the Facebook page for our photography contest: Falling Leaves! The winner will get a gift card to a restaurant and their photo printed and framed! The photo must have to be take...
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • How do I activate Multisim? (And other software I might need)

    On the old website, there was a procedure to activate the license. I don't have it anymore, and the trial just expired. How do I activate it?   On that note, where did all of the software installation/activation...
    Spencer Neilan
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