Kelly Flemming
Iambically Speaking   Most English speakers speak in iambs—a rhythmic pattern that sounds like a heartbeat—unstressed syllable/stressed syllable. One way to hear this is to say the following out…
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Kayla Maule
The ESL department had such a great time at the RWJ Brazilian Carnival dinner last night! It was a great way to share a piece of Brazilian culture with campus. A big thanks to John Hornburg and the rest of the food services staff for putting together the event!
Katherine Vernezze
The end of another great session for the ESL department. Congrats to all our students--you worked very hard this session! Enjoy your break! ESL-Students
Katherine Vernezze
Final project presentations today for the Vocabulary for Engineering class in the ESL department. Come to the GEA building (room 112B) at 3:00 today to see innovative ways to solve everyday problems!  ESL-Students