• Monday Mouthfuls with Kelly: Iambically Speaking

    Iambically Speaking   Most English speakers speak in iambs—a rhythmic pattern that sounds like a heartbeat—unstressed syllable/stressed syllable. One way to hear this is to say the following out loud...
    Kelly Flemming
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  • 8 Tips to Be Successful in MSOE!

    Take Control--> Get to classes, Do your homework, Give your papers to professors on time... you are in college now! Get to Class --> Attendance is super important!  Do not think that you can miss a class ...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • Expression of the Day:  "Do you mind....?"

    "Do you mind ...?"   Do you find this expression kind of peculiar? I feel like whenever someone asks me If I mind doing something I am unsure about the proper way to respond... I mean there are times when you t...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • Did you know that MSOE offers Three Degrees and Two International Experiences??

    Are you interested in  International Business?    Are you interested in Marketing and Export Management ? How about studying in Germany for a year or participating in  Doing Business with Chin...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • MSOE International_Viewbook.pdf

    An overview of MSOE Programs as well as information for potential international students. 
    Mark Anderson
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  • Neanderthals

    Sometimes it's tough to cope with some subjects > . Today I had this question" Did modern humans breed with Neanderthals? " As a religious I didn't know what to say. ESL-Students  
    Ahmed Alharbi
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