• Owners of groups

    Thanks for setting up groups for current student orgs.  Are the current student leaders of the groups going to be assigned as the "Owner" sometime soon? Just wondering what needs to happen so we can put events up...
    Eric Pedersen
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  • Quick lunch ideas around MSOE?

    Can you come up with quick, yummy lunch ideas around MSOE? Please keep them to 45 min. round-trip, including walking and eating time.
    William Farrow
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  • Validation Error

    I have an incoming freshman who is having some problems validating his account. He says that the Hub validation has an error message when he enters it in. Any thoughts as to what's going on?
    Kara Stuiber
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  • Ideas for repurposing?

    I love repurposing! I've got my eye out for an old school library card catalog to use in my living room.  Does anyone else have ideas for using things in new ways?
    Denise Gergetz
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  • How do I become the owner of this group?

    I am the president of SHPE and am hoping to update some of the info on this group.
    Kara Stuiber
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