Jen Haro
Please see the following post in the IT Department area for information on the current status of email services for those faculty and staff members who were affected by the issue during yesterday's…
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Jennifer Farrell
I've been lobbying for a great while to migrate our email to gmail.  What will it take for that to be seriously considered?  I've had gmail for 7+ years and have had access problems once in that entire time.  Outlook has been problem after problem.
Jennifer Farrell
Awesome.  Email migration to the cloud server went as well as you would expect, which is to say poorly. 
Jennifer Farrell
Learn about the evolution of various technologies in Dr. Farrell’s poster panel speech finals.   Section 03 Wednesday, May 21 at the APC Topics: Bicycles, Television, Cars, Nerf Guns, 3D Printing…
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