Allison Heine de Romero
Stop by GEA Suite 111 (across from the CC building) this Thursday, August 14th from 12:30 to 1:15 to check out some ESL student poster presentations!  Vanessa David de Campos  Braz do Prado Chaparro  Emanuele Mendonca Katherine VernezzeDaniel Phillips Christopher Kane Josiebel Sambolin  Mark Anderson
Allison Heine de Romero
Here's an interesting project from Popular Science: What Will Wisconsin Look Like In The Future? | Popular Science   What do YOU think? In what ways will the projects that students are working on…
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Josiebel Sambolin
Are you interested in  International Business?    Are you interested in Marketing and Export Management ? How about studying in Germany for a year or participating in  Doing Business with China…
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