Dana Grennier
The gift the students of MSOE just gave to Dr Viets is absolutely perfect!  Great job Jonathan Braaten and everyone else who was part of that decision process. #CongratsDrViets 
Dana Grennier
The Last Lecture of Dr Viets can be watched live at http://www.msoe.edu/community/about-msoe/page/260... 

The audio is up and running again.  Thank you to those who helped us get it going again. 
Dana Grennier
If you are watching the Last Lecture of Dr Viets, we are working on the audio feed.  We apologize for the technical difficulty.

We are recording the lecture and it will be made available on our YouTube channel Hub-TV.

We will provide an update when we have one.

Dana Grennier
Dr Viets' Last Lecture is tonight!  Tell us how Dr Viets made a difference to you by using #CongratsDrViets on your favorite social media.
Susan Ojebode
Am trying to apply for admission but the system is messing up. I will appreciate any comment. Thanks
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Nathan Gray
When will the Fall Scheduler be opening up?Registrar
Nathan Gray
There should be a directory of MSOE professors including contact info and picutes by department like existed on the old website. It is increasingly hard to find all of these informations. I know the idea was to have each professor have their own profile which provides this info but from the looks of it some of the information on their profiles is hidden and pictures aren't there. If this does exist please advice
Dana Grennier
Lots of events coming up next week.  Be sure to check the Event Calendar and find the events that you would like to attend.

Tamera Bell-Bey
Class of 2019!
Mark Hamby
I just cannot find the facilities/maintenance ticket request form for the life of me. And I don't want to call the director every time I find something gross or broken that ought to be addressed. Anyone have a direct link to the form???
Dana Grennier
Current students...Express who you want to be your next Student Government Leaders by voting in the SGA elections.  
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