Dana Grennier
Today is the last day for the School Supply Drive!  Stop by the bookstore and help some wonderful children receive some fantastic art supplies.  http://www.msoe.edu/event-calendar#2015-1-12/even...
Dana Grennier
Did you know your event will have a greater reach if it is in the Event calendar on the website?  

If your department or organization would like to add an event to the calendar, please complete the Event Request form at http://bit.ly/studentorgevent.  We are testing it now so you can help us by providing feedback too. 

Claire Chung
Are there events in August that accepted students must attend?
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Hali Peterson
I have a question to ask a person in health services, but I can't find their hours posted anywhere. The only thing I can find is summer hours and it is very clearly not summer. I've also tried…
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Dana Grennier
Welcome back to campus everyone!  Make sure to stop by the Raider Center for Academic Success in CC02 between 12pm - 1pm this week to learn about their services AND be entered into a daily prize drawing.  I heard they will have free food too!
Gabriela Estevez
How would financial aid work at MSOE as a transfer student under the California Dream Act? 
willie lewis
Its the 1st TGIF of 2015. Also today marks my 14th anniversary here at MSOE
Allana Marie Nicolas
Hi friends! First off, I'm quite confused on how to use hub, so I apologize in advance. Anyway, I'm wondering how we would apply for scholarships on here? haha thank you!
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Muhammad Maab Ali Khan
My full Given name is "MUHAMMAD MAAB ALI". I'm an prospective international Student. However, when i write my name in the application form, it is shortened to "MUHAMMAD MAAB A" due to the character…
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John Harkins
Alright so I was curious to what the general requirements are for MSOE's engineering programs are? Im a high school junior looking to try to possibly go here in the future. Another question I have is…
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Anosh Naeem
I have applied to MSOE. I am an international student, how can i submitt my official documents?
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