• Menu

    Wondering if someone could please post the weekly menu for the RWJ Cafeteria? It hasn't been on here for quite some time and I think it's very helpful. Thanks!
    Nina Fleisner
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  • Faculty/Staff Phone Directory

    This printable faculty/staff directory by department will be updated on the fourth Monday of every month. For up-to-date information, please visit our internal resource. This was last updated on November 24, 2014
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  • my.msoe.edu

    Why can't I access my.msoe.edu? I get a screen saying   "Server Error in '/ICS' Application."   Help!! I'd like to check my grades
    Kasey Mylin
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  • Personal Visit Registration

    Hi, im a prospective transfer student currently in an A.A.S. electrical engineering program at a community college. The Personal Visit Registration site seems to be broken, says a field is incomplete no matter what I ...
    Joshua Styx
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  • Request to Enter Closed EECS Course Form

    Scroll down, click on "Download" Then complete the form, save it, and submit it to eecsrequest@msoe.edu to request entry to a closed EECS course. NOTE: Your present schedule could be modified to fit all needed cour...
    Stephen Williams
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  • Demographic

    I am a staff member, but I am unable to choose staff under demographics in my hub. What can I do?   Kelly
    Kelly Flemming
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  • Academic Program Directors

    All phone number are in area code 414.   Bachelor's Degrees Director Phone Office Actuarial Science Dr. Yvonne Yaz 277-7423 L-321 Architectural Engineering Dr. Christopher Raebel 277-7302 CC-62A Biomedical Eng...
    Mary Nielsen
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  • ARCHIVED Schedule of Classes for Fall Quarter 2013

    Mary Nielsen
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  • ARCHIVED Schedule of Classes Spring Quarter 2014.pdf

    Schedule of Classes for Spring Quarter 2014
    Mary Nielsen
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  • Student Conduct Code

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  • Sexual Misconduct Policy

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  • How does discussion moderation work?

    I got the following message for a discussion reply "Your reply was rejected by a moderator. Please edit your reply and resubmit it for approval"  What does this mean?  How come I can still see my discussion ...
    Nat Horswill
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  • How do I stslvl.scen.eventCommented.text?

    I, like all of you, find it very important to obtain a well rounded education, and as such have decided to get an A in the hub. I am confused on how to stslvl.scen.eventCommented.text. Though this is not one of the hi...
    Lars Woehlck
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  • hub status filtered words

    I tried to post a status about a musical, Jes_s Chr_st Superstar, and it filtered Jes_s Chr_st to ***** ******.  Clearly it's to avoid using it as a curse word. Just wondering if that would always happen everywhe...
    Eric Pedersen
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  • Application for international student

    I am a international student and I want to apply for MSOE for 2015 fall semester. However, when I filled in the application, I found out there was something wrong with the Demographic Information. No matter what I put...
    Huiwen Deng
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  • Is the "Loudmouth" badge broken?

    It doesn't seem that I am getting the badge even though I have completed the requirements. It also seems that no one has ever gotten it, even those who also likely fulfilled the requirements.     Dana Gre...
    Andrew Moore
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  • Why Missing Job Placement Rates?

    For the second year the job placement rates page is a broken link? Isn't this legally required to receive federal funding? Lumping all placement rates into one also gives a false impression when the job market for som...
    Thomas Martin
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  • Fridge, Microwave, Freezer, etc. for Student Use

    Is there a refrigerator, freezer, or microwave for students(mainly commuters) to use for packed lunches?
    Kiean Gill
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  • Science Olympiad Protein Modeling Scholarship Application

    We encourage you to speak with the Financial Aid office for more information regarding the Science Olympiad Protein Scholarship.
    Dana Grennier
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  • Switching Majors?

    I had just recently been accepted into MSOE for fall of 2014.  I was wondering how difficult switching similar majors would be at MSOE.  I know for a fact that I want to be in Electrical, Computer, or Softwa...
    Kevin Etta
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