• $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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  • Best Pizza Slice in Milwaukee

    So I really like pizza, and I am looking for the best slice in Milwaukee, where can I find the best slice in Milwaukee?
    Rick Behnke
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  • What's your go to meal at Skylight?

    Rick Behnke
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  • CPR Registration

    How do I sign up for the CPR class on Thursday? I got the email, but when I went to the link, it asked for specific class, which I don't know and im not sure where its held... PLEASE HELP
    Kayla Kapp
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  • Faculty/Staff Phone Directory

    This printable faculty/staff directory by department will be updated on the fourth Monday of every month. For up-to-date information, please visit our internal resource or print an alphabetical directory. This was la...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Problems with the new laptops (HP ZBook)

    Is anyone else having lots of issues with the ZBook? I was very surprised when I got this laptop to find that it only has 4gb of ram. Considering some of the programs we're running, this is incredibly small. I have tr...
    Caleb Schmitt
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  • Fridge, Microwave, Freezer, etc. for Student Use

    Is there a refrigerator, freezer, or microwave for students(mainly commuters) to use for packed lunches?
    Kiean Gill
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  • How do I stslvl.scen.eventCommented.text?

    I, like all of you, find it very important to obtain a well rounded education, and as such have decided to get an A in the hub. I am confused on how to stslvl.scen.eventCommented.text. Though this is not one of the hi...
    Lars Woehlck
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  • List of Open House events

    Is there a concise list of all of the Open House dates for 2014-2015? I see individual calendar events, but I can't tell if I have found them all. It would be helpful to have one sheet.
    Emily Vogel
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  • CE Academic Advising

    Advising policy All computer engineering students must see their advisor quarterly to discuss academic and career plans and progress. CE students must receive their advisors' clearance before registering; the online r...
    Eric Durant
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  • Demographic

    I am a staff member, but I am unable to choose staff under demographics in my hub. What can I do?   Kelly
    Kelly Flemming
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  • Courses

    Anyone know where I can find a list of all the courses we have at MSOE by number and name?
    Matthew Nelson
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  • Sexual Misconduct Report Form

    To report an incident of sexual assault, harassment or misconduct, please fill out this form and forward to the Title IX Coordinator, David Howell.
    Digital Marketing
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  • Laptop sleep function?

    I would like to be able to put my laptop to sleep as I go to back to back classes, but there doesn't seem to be a function for that.  Is this something we can get fixed?
    Ashley Ksioszk
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  • New Laptops

    so, who knows how to use steam on the new laptops? and how to connect to a second display (monitor. television, etc.)
    Benjamin Kuchler
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  • PEAK Schedule September 20, 2014 - Canceled

    http://shop.msoe.edu/adult-learning-classes/peak-119.htmlRegister for event Last updated July 22, 2014. Please note the schedule of courses is subject to change 8-9:45 a.m. Room 301: Master Your Future: Business Sen...
    Andreana Moody
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  • MSOE Choir

    Hi everyone,   So I'm new to the Bridge, but definitely a prospective student. I visited a few days ago to learn more about the school, and it's definitely one of my top choices already. Granted, I'm only a juni...
    Ryan Koeppen
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  • Department Chair Directory

    Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Chairperson: Dr. Blake Wentz Programs within the CAECM Department BS in Architectural Engineering BS and MS in Civil Engineering BS in Constructio...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Atoms First online access code for used book

    If you are buying a used copy of the Atoms First chem book, where can I buy the online pass code?
    Kyle Anderson
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  • CLOSED: AFSA Second Chance Scholarship, Due on 8-27-14

    There is no major, GPA, or grade level requirement for this scholarship.   For more information and to apply, please click here.   Best of luck to all who apply!
    Amanda Wysk
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