Dana Grennier
Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!
Dana Grennier
Happy Holidays from Digital Marketing!  Stop by CC341 for cookies & juice and enjoy our festive holiday surroundings.
Dana Grennier
Thank you for getting @MSOEphoto on Instagram to 200 followers!  We are thrilled to share more picture of life at MSOE!  Come follow us!
Denise Gergetz
Is there going to be a holiday office decorating contest this year? 
Nimrod Allen
I'm looking for a group club or organization focused on veterans and/or returning/adult learners? 
Dana Grennier
From the past to the present, MSOE continues to be leaders in changing the world.  MSOE | From the Past to the Present - YouTube Click and share!
Dana Grennier
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Dana Grennier
Today is OP Science.  Another batch of great students on campus.  Who will the winners be for this final 2014 OP competition?
Dana Grennier
Welcome to campus OP Math competitors!
Ge Wang
Refrigrator sale~ $70 
please text me 4147791378
Nat Horswill
I am a working professional student so I almost never log into a computer on campus.  Since I am always logging into the Hub off site and I get all email through my iphone, I never get any notification when my password expires.  Why can't there be an email notification a few days before it expires?
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