Dana Grennier posted 1 year ago
Please follow the Hub Help blog for updates about the restoration of technology services on campus.  If you have any questions, submitting a ticket to IT or calling them at 414-277-7288 is your best bet.  


  • Shannon Colton 1 year ago

    Dana -- Will we be receiving the email about how to back up Outlook files today?  Thanks!
  • Shannon Colton 1 year ago

    Never mind, Dana, I see the post about how to do it.
  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 1 year ago

    No worries.  An email will be coming out from IT too.
  • Shannon Colton 1 year ago

    Thanks, Dana.  I saw the post after I asked my question.


    I know that you guys are extraordinarily busy and inundated with a thousand questions.  I have backed up the data, which is fabulous, given that I had all of my contacts and several saved emails that I needed to have access to.  We were wondering what the projected timeline is for Outlook to be restored and for us to be able to go back to working as we normally do?




  • Nicole Fischer

    Nicole Fischer 1 year ago

    I have two questions:

    1. What happens if you don't use Outlook? Can you back anything up?

    2. Is there any way to restore the information, instead of just backing it up? (in terms of using this information on multiple computers)

  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 1 year ago

    The best way to get up-to-date information is to follow the  MSOE Hub Help and Feedback  
    At this time, there is no estimation on the restoration of Outlook.  The IT department will also provide campus wide emails with more details.