Hali Peterson
I am a freshman nursing student here at MSOE and I know I am going to need a job on campus next school year. I do qualify for Work-Study and I was wondering how someone could come to have a job in…
in Admissions
Nikolai Crumbaugh
gearing up for college
Jacob Haen
I've been attempting to go back to the same page multiple times and tried to bookmark it but found out you can only bookmark discussions or documents. Those seem to be the kinds of things you only go…
in MSOE Hub Help and Feedback
Wesley Zloza
I was wondering if anyone in IT or marketing could help me with something I've been trying to implement for about a year now. I created a CSS file for the my.MSOE page that gives the site a little…
in Marketing Department
Gerald Soriano
I was reading some safety policies today and had a thought about First Aid training. Does MSOE offer First Aid training? I will be staying here over the summer and I feel like having First Aid…
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Kip Kussman
Congrats to Kyle Korn Amber Koeune Zach Regnier and Garrett Hoeg for winning a $1,000 scholarship for their participation in the Office of Development's MAD Dash campaign! Thanks to everyone for participating and supporting the mission and future of MSOE.
Donnie Bogle
Hey y'all,   I'm going to be a fifth year senior next year (AE/CM program). I got an email recently about renewing the technology package. I've heard rumors about next year's laptops and they sound…
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