Denise Gergetz
Is there going to be a holiday office decorating contest this year? 
Brandon Yahr
Can anyone point me in the direction of who to contact to send an email to all students?
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Dan Meiser
Remember, you only get one guess. If no one hits the number of M&M's dead on than the person closest without going over is the winner. Please post your guess as a reply to this discussion. The…
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Alexandra Swanson
I hate how the HUB keeps emailing me about setting my status.  So here's a status, HUB emails suck and there is no way to stop getting them. Maybe if I post this they will stop emailing me.
Farah Masri
I just applied to MSOE and I honestly have no clue how to use their website and need help of where to go to find scholarship opportunities.   Thanks in advance,        Farah M
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