Denise Gergetz
Is there going to be a holiday office decorating contest this year? 
Alexandra Swanson
I hate how the HUB keeps emailing me about setting my status.  So here's a status, HUB emails suck and there is no way to stop getting them. Maybe if I post this they will stop emailing me.
Kip Kussman
If you have 90 minutes, about 600 MSOE freshmen and a helicopter, you can make awesome photos like this one.msoe_pride welcome_week
Kip Kussman
Freshmen! We want to see how much fun you're having during Welcome Week. Upload your pictures to Hub, Instagram, Twitter etc. Whoever uploads the best, craziest, funniest pictures gets a prize. Have fun and be creative! 
Megan Waelti
Accepted Student Group-Fall 2014 First 200 students to stop by at Raider Fest during the concert, performance by Ian & the Dream, will receive a Women's Connections blanket and WoCo sticker!  Hope to see you there! 
Sarah Rowell
O.K. Can someone please explain to me the increadible backlash there has been against the Comic Sans font? I had no idea there were such stong feelings about it.
Dan Meiser
Just got done eating lunch with the Carter Academy Students! It was great seeing some fresh faces on campus and catching up.
Angela Beling
Going to IKEA to get dorm stuff! MSOE here I come!!!
Ashley Bare
I am a student looking to transfer to MSOE. Any helpful information would be great! Also would be needing a roommate if I get accepted! 
McKenzie Valley
Shouting out to the MSOE Admissions people and Kip Kussman from a mountain top in Bafut, Cameroon! The computer labs are looking great and the MSOE group is having a blast exploring the country of Cameroon. Representing my school all the way over here! #wearethehub  
Tinamarie Aljazzar
Hi , I'm new to MSOE . When can I get my ID and where is it located . thank you
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