2015 SAE Car Show Theme

Hey everyone! This past year was the first year that MSOE's SAE chapter hosted its very own car show.Due to the huge success of this year, we'd like to continue hosting them and make it an annual event, possibly even expand the event. We'd like to hear your input on some possible themes for this year's event.

Poll Results
  • Evolution of the powertrain (A brief glimpse on how the powertrain has evolved over the years) (0%)
  • 50s Drive-In (A look at the 1950s automobiles and culture) (0%)
  • Hot-Rods (Fast and wild cars from the 1930s and 1940s) (0%)
  • American Muscle (Good old American Muscle cars) (100%)
  • British Invasion (A focus on cars and automakers from across the pond) (0%)
  • Aerodynamics (The evolution of aerodynamics in vehicles) (0%)
  • Other- Please leave a comment below! (0%)


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