A Stewart platform is a type of parallel robot capable of manipulating objects in six degrees of freedom.  Stewart platforms are currently used in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Team Gamma, comprised of mechanical, computer and software engineers, implemented a pneumatic Stewart platform utilizing QVLA® position-sensing technology developed by Motion Controls LLC. This new technology is more precise, more durable, faster, and cheaper than current position sensing technologies used in pneumatics and hydraulics. To illustrate these benefits, the Stewart platform for this project has been developed for a pick-and-place type application which, in this case, is the game of chess.

The project includes a control system that can be scaled to fit any need and replace existing platforms with a cheaper, cleaner and more efficient pneumatic alternative. In addition, a software application was developed to provide real-time system monitoring and operational control to users.

Team members: Matthew Brazeau (CE/ME), Ryan Ponstein (SE), Cyril Pyfferoen (CE), Jacob Schneider (ME) and Carl Wulff (ME)

Faculty advisor: Andrew Dressel

Sponsors: Blanking Systems Inc., Enfield Technologies, and Motion Controls LLC

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