Bella the Bee Makes Learning Fun

The stinger on this three-foot bee wouldn’t hurt a bit! “Bella the Bee” is a robotic bee created by MSOE electrical engineering student Tim DeLeo as an interactive and fun learning learning tool. The honey bee robot is based on “A Busy Bee: The Story of Bella the Honey Bee,” a book published by SHARP Literacy for children in first through fifth grade. DeLeo’s class project was unveiled to 60 Milwaukee first graders.

DeLeo, an Air Force veteran, developed the interactive robot as part of an independent study class called Project Management and Servant Leadership. Dr. Leah Newman was his professor. The course blends project management with the tenants of servant leadership.

DeLeo collaborated with local sculptor Tom Queoff who donated his time and developed a urethane mold of the bee which produced the translucent exterior or shell. Queoff is an internationally acclaimed sculptor.

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