Want to conserve water and have a more hygienic bathroom experience? Then check out this senior project by a team of electrical engineering technology majors. Team Monkey Wrench designed “The Throne,” an entirely hands-free dual flush toilet system for retrofitting on existing toilets. It uses automated systems in parallel with proximity and pressure sensors to execute a completely autonomous approach. The Throne provides a more hygienic bathroom experience while utilizing water-saving technology.

It is intended to improve healthy living, lower water consumption, and above all, add daily convenience to the bathroom. The product will come at an affordable cost, about $300 MSRP, with uncomplicated installation. The design is intended to modify existing household toilets and can be installed by the homeowner in less than three hours, bringing a more convenient bathroom experience to any average household.

Team members: Ross Blomgren, Cesar Cortazar, Renee Schaefer and Lucas Zahn

Faculty advisor: Dr. Kishore Acharya

Sponsor: The Home Depot

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