In 2013, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company began the process of removing an obsolete downtown Milwaukee office building and replacing it with a world-class office building and campus connector building.

Architectural engineering and construction management students from MSOE were involved in the building deconstruction, which is linked to other campus buildings with skywalks. In addition, the lower levels of the existing building hold the mechanical room for other campus buildings.

The students looked at utility connections for potential solutions for utility/building service relocations, identified pedestrian routes for when the building was decommissioned, and evaluated green LEED designs and office mobility trends for new construction office buildings. The teams examined zoning, permitting and other building restrictions for the selected campus, and looked at design alternative themes for the selected site. They also provided a construction/development square foot cost range, and looked at a solution for a three-story connector building that can house 3,000 people. The connector building will be part of the new 20-30 story office building.

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