Abigail Johnson and Maya George

Technical Communication

Class of 2017


Abigail Johnson always knew she wanted to study communication. Maya George initially pursued industrial engineering. Though their academic journeys had different starting points, both Johnson and George ended up on the same path: pursuing a degree in technical communication at MSOE. George, who grew up on the south side of Milwaukee, was encouraged by family, friends and mentors to consider MSOE. “I knew MSOE would be a place that would encourage me to work hard and focus on academics.”

Johnson, originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, loved science and communication. She was interested in a degree that combined her two interests. “I knew I wanted a program that would prepare me for a job in a variety of industries,” she said.

Technical communication professionals creatively express ideas and accomplishments of industry, business and other institutions through a variety of instructional and procedural materials, business and grant proposals, Web and multimedia tools. MSOE students prepare for jobs in these fields both in the classroom and through internship work experiences. About 85 percent of MSOE students have one or more internships prior to graduation.

“My first internship was as a technical writer with DRS Power and Control Technologies,” said George. “I am currently a communication intern at Northwestern Mutual, where I focus on design and writing.” George also worked at the Grohmann Museum as an office and communications assistant.

Johnson’s internship is with Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC), where she works as a marketing support intern. “I love my internship because I have the opportunity to work on a variety of design, writing and editing projects,” she said.

Internships also instill students a feeling of confidence. “I feel much more prepared to enter the workforce when I graduate because of my internship,” Johnson said.

In addition to internships, George and Johnson have taken advantage of a variety of other personal growth and leadership opportunities that MSOE offers right on campus. Johnson is a senator for student government and an active participant in the Resident Hall Association. George is the president of Kappa Sigma Mu-Multicultural Sorority. “KSM’s events on campus encourage students to learn about new cultures and have open minds,” she said.

After graduation, both Johnson and George have set their sights on MSOE’s MBA program to further their education. Then, the sky is the limit. “I am willing to go wherever my career takes me and embrace new opportunities as they come,” George said. “The most important thing to me is that my work helps others and makes a positive impact on the community.”

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