brittanyBrittany Vitkovich

Architectural Engineering, Class of 2016

As a senior reflecting back on her previous years at MSOE and envisioning her last one, Brittany Vitkovich can easily say choosing to attend MSOE was an excellent decision.

Originally from Chicago, she has always attended smaller schools and has lived in the city for the majority of her life naturally making MSOE a perfect fit. “Other universities offered civil engineering, whose curriculum lacked specified courses related to building design, and had lecture halls that could seat my entire high school. I wanted to attend somewhere I could be more than a number and MSOE has helped me go beyond that goal. Here my professors know more than my name and have gone beyond just teaching me course material.”

Brittany has more than just graduation in her sight. In addition to her full-time class load, she has played an active role in student organizations and campus activities. Last year she was the vice president of the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) which coincided with her position as co-chair of the 2015 AEI Conference hosted by MSOE. Her involvement with the organization began freshman year and leads into her senior design project which is this year’s student competition for AEI. Other activities she has been involved with include the Associated Schools of Construction Student Competition, the softball team and Ducks Unlimited.

“After deciding upon specializing my degree with an emphasis in building electrical systems, I had every intention of becoming a design electrical engineer at an architectural engineering firm. I realized the office environment is not something that could be in on a daily basis so I decided to look for engineering internships with contractors,” said Vitkovich. “With my interest in renewable energy and the knowledge I obtained in my coursework, I had the opportunity to intern with Mortenson Construction on a solar project in Texas. Everything from being on site, having the opportunity to travel, and learning from my remarkable coworkers did more than fulfill my desires in a future career.”

Brittany’s internship was the gateway to her future career: after graduation she will be a high voltage transmission field engineer assisting in power distribution construction on national renewable energy projects for Mortenson Construction.

“The curriculum of my department goes beyond design courses. I have also taken courses in project management, construction methods, contracts and specifications and many more which opened the doors to my internship and led to my future career. The different courses we are required to take not only give us knowledge beyond our individual specialties but give us a general understanding of the construction industry as a whole. The hard work MSOE requires from its students, complimented by its outstanding academics, makes career opportunities endless for all students. It’s up to you to put forth that hard work and dedication.”

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