Choosing MSOE

In Fall 2015, MSOE welcomed 2,939 students from around the world to campus. Each of them has their own reasons for choosing MSOE. For many, the graduate placement rate and starting salaries are a deciding factor—96% of graduates go on to jobs in their field or the graduate school of their choice, and for those who began working, the average starting salary was $56,991.

For others, like Brittany Vitkovich, the small size, strong academic reputation and success of MSOE’s graduates were key to making the decision. “I wanted to attend somewhere I could be more than a number,” said Brittany. “MSOE has helped me go beyond that goal.” Phoebe Skowronski focused on finding a school that offered her major, was in a city, and offered a variety of extracurricular activities. “I originally joined organizations with some of the people [who] are my best friends today,” said Phoebe. “While you are here the people you interact with on a daily basis become your family.”


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