Jason Carreon


Class of 2014

Working in the health care field is something that nursing senior Jason Carreon was always meant to do, especially given his family’s history of working in the health care field. “My mother is a medical technologist, and my dad is an RN in the U.S. and an MD back home in the Philippines. I also have several aunts, uncles and cousins who are nurses and dentists. In a sense, I was destined to be involved in the health care field.”

Helping to make a difference in peoples’ lives is what attracts Jason to nursing. “I have seen first-hand the difference that nurses and other health care disciplines can make for people in need. Nursing embodies the essence of caring and giving back to society. I chose nursing because I wanted to have that opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives every given day.”

Jason and his family came to Sacramento, Calif., from the Philippines when he was 10 years old, and later moved to Wisconsin. When making the decision of where to pursue his nursing degree, MSOE was an obvious choice. “MSOE is a much-respected university in the area. As I was making my choices regarding what school to attend, I feel that MSOE really made their point as to why they were the best choice for me. Numbers never lie and the high placement rate and high NCLEX passing rate ultimately made the decision easy for me. Furthermore, MSOE provides students with generous financial aid to assist with the cost of education.”

Jason paved the way for his two younger sisters, who are both attending MSOE in the nursing program. “As I told my sisters, the curriculum gives you the tools needed to succeed through various clinical experiences and courses that you take throughout your undergraduate experience. There are always resources available for help. MSOE may be notorious for its challenging and demanding schedule and coursework but in the end it is all worth it when you come out of MSOE as a well-prepared individual in the various respective fields.”

When he graduates in May, Jason has many plans for his future. “After graduation, I would like to have a job as a graduate nurse in one of the respected hospitals within our area. In five years, I see myself furthering my nursing education while continuing to provide care for patients. Ultimately, my goal is to become a nurse practitioner.”

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