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Business Management

Class of 2007

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“At MSOE, every day is jam packed with knowledge and opportunity to better your life and your future.”

Nick Galich ’07 was only a teenager when he became a businessman, so it is no wonder that at 26 he is the director of medical staff services and business development for United Hospital Systems.

A native of Salem, Wis., Nick started his own computer repair company at 15, “long before the Geek Squad came along,” and states this was only one aspect of influence to his business and entrepreneurial spirit. “My parents were very encouraging and I had teachers who were very helpful. Starting my own business forced me to learn tax law, managing people and understanding customers, other business and government before I drove a car.” For Nick, such an experience fostered an understanding that being a manager for a company isn’t just about leadership. It’s about innovation in all things.

Fast-forward four years to Nick’s freshman year at MSOE. Originally a management information systems major, he changed to business management to better prepare himself for what he felt he could do best. “I wanted to develop a skill set that would allow me to implement positive change to an entire organization.” Becoming a student at MSOE gave him a combination of experience and practical knowledge to actually be able to take on such challenges.

img-nickgalich-photosAt United Hospital Systems, Nick is responsible for the internal and external coordination of business development opportunities and operational strategy. He is fortunate to apply his abilities and enthusiasm as a change agent to his company every day, and is grateful to MSOE for his comprehensive business education. “The practical aspect of an MSOE education is huge. You hit the ground running and leave with an understanding of all areas of industry.”

While at MSOE, Nick took advantage of the many opportunities students have to develop their skills as young professionals, and as an MSOE peer assistant, he assisted other students in paving a smooth path to their futures. As a shadow host for the admissions office, he was able to share his love and appreciation of MSOE to others who were considering becoming a part of our community. “What’s important about college is that you find balance. MSOE teaches you to work hard and play hard. Being just as involved outside of the classroom is crucial to stress management and gaining life skills.” It is no doubt that Nick has practiced what he preaches.

When asked what MSOE meant to him, Nick took some time to reflect, careful to make sure he answered just the way he wanted to. “I look at MSOE as continuing to be my family. It is near and dear to my heart. There aren’t any words for all the people who took the time to help me be successful.” He paused, still reflecting. “At MSOE, every day is jam packed with knowledge and opportunity to better your life and your future.”

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