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Jonathan Braaten and Ben Kealty, the president and vice president of MSOE’s Student Government Association (SGA), are going to go far and want to take the rest of the student body with them. They are working to leave a legacy by ensuring that the voice of the student body at MSOE is heard.

SGA is a student-run organization that strives to promote student involvement, organizational development, and positive change on campus. From an executive perspective, SGA is the representative body of the students. The work its members put into the organization is shown through their addressing of important issues and their ability to work with the faculty and MSOE’s administration to ensure the voice of the students is heard, and their needs addressed. One of SGA’s biggest accomplishments this year was working with MSOE’s administration to orchestrate solutions to MSOE’s technology program’s issues, as brought to SGA’s attention by the student body.

Braaten and Kealty are incredibly proud of SGA’s progress during their term. Braaten joined the organization to help lead the change it was creating on campus; he recognized the lack of a student voice, as well as the importance of it. He and Kealty are dedicated to encouraging students to attend the meetings so SGA can address their problems. Kealty stresses that “things can’t change for the better if people don’t participate. It takes every single one of us to make this university the place we call home and create a positive atmosphere for everyone here.” SGA will go out of their way to help others, and they wish more students would take advantage of this opportunity by actively participating in the process.

SGA not only wants students’ voices to be heard, but also would like the student body to feel and be empowered. “This is the students’ home,” Kealty explains. “They should have a say [about] where they live.” He finds this aspect of SGA very important for students. Braaten explains that “people don’t realize even the little time they have can make a difference, because their voice will be heard.” Kealty and Braaten both want to encourage students not to simply complain about an issue, but rather work with SGA to come up with a solution. Braaten wants students to “be the change!”

The organization currently has 15 senators and two executives for the year, but they are always open and looking for additional people to join. They have committees organized for topics that students frequently bring up. If there is not a committee for a particular topic or issue, they will start a new one. Members get to decide how involved they will be; the time commitment can be as little or as much as what works in their schedules.

SGA holds their meetings every Monday in CC210 at 1 p.m. If you have an issue you would like addressed, please bring it to a meeting. SGA wants to work with YOU in order to ensure that MSOE continues striving to meet the needs of an ever-changing student body! Follow SGA on Hub to keep up with current topics and agendas.

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