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Got questions about Construction Management?

Blake Wentz

Got questions about Construction Management?  Post here and myself and others will try to answer as best as possible!

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    Trevor O'Brien

    Im thinking on applying as a transfer student to MSOE to study construction management. Does admissions still look at the act score for making decisions?

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      Blake Wentz



      It is my understanding that if you have completed 24 credit hours at another institution then they do not look at the ACT score.  If it is less than 24 credits then it is factored in, but they also look at your performance at the university/college you are at now and also your high school GPA.


      I hope that helps!  Let me know if you need more info!


      Dr. W

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    Aaron Martinez

    I am currently looking to attend a college for construction management.  One thing that I have noticed that sets MSOE apart from the other schools I am interested in is the accreditation from the ACCE.  What, if any, would be the possible adverse outcomes of not attending a school that is accredited by the ACCE?  Is it comparable to graduating as an engineer from a school that is not ABET accredited? 

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      Jeong Woo



      Thanks for your interest in MSOE CM program. ACCE accreditation means a lot for everyone involved in construction education including construction and engineering companies, students, parents, and universities. ACCE grants the accreditation status for CM programs that meet and maintain the stringent CM curriculum standards developed by ACCE.


      There are many benefits of the ACCE accreditation. First of all, the ACCE assures the quality of CM curriculum and graduating students. Secondly, most of the major construction companies in the US are members of the ACCE, and they identify best-qualified CM employees from the ACCE accreditated programs. Most importantly, ACCE-accreditated programs have much more access to industry contacts nationwide.


      We are one of the two ACCE-accreditated CM programs in Wisconsin, and many industry partners work with us to improve our CM curriculum and the quality of CM students. This is how our Department has our own Career Night with all industry partners and CAECM students at MSOE.


      Please let us know if you have any questions.




      Jeong Woo

      Associate Professor