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Application Process

Joseph Ashley
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Does MSOE offer any Early Decision or Early Action plans for the application process?

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    Mandy Runnalls

    Hey Joseph!


    We do offer Early Decision and have started to accept students already!


    I'm your admission counselor here so as soon as I get your ACT scores and high school transcripts in I can get your file processed!


    Let me know if you have any questions

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      Joseph Ashley

      Thanks for the response Mrs. Runnalls! I had my guidance counselor send out

      my transcripts last week, and just last night I sent out my ACT scores. So

      they should be arriving shortly!


      However, just to clarify, can you explain the difference between Early

      Decision and Early Action to me. I know there is a slight difference

      between the two, but cannot remember from when I asked on my college tours!

      Also, does MSOE offer both options or just Early Decision?


      Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it!


      Joseph Ashley

      (262) 496-8487

      Student at Tremper High School

      Class of 2014