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What happened to the basic academic calender?

John-Paul Petersen
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I am trying to find the basic outline of semester/holiday break dates and in clicking through the HUB calender I am not getting that.  Is there another place to get this information now?

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    Lisa Rivero

    From My Hub, click on Academic Catalogs. The Academic Calendar link is on the left, third from the top:


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    Katherine Wikoff

    In addition to finding the calendar in the Academic Catalogs, it helps to know that MSOE's academic calendar revolves around Thanksgiving.


    If you want to look ahead three years and know when final exams will be scheduled, you can simply find the calendars that straddle that academic year, let's say, 2016-17.  Locate Thanksgiving 2016.  That week is the break between fall and winter quarters.  The week before that will be finals week for Fall 2016.  If you count back 11 weeks from Thanksgiving week, you can find out when the first day of classes will be in Fall 2016.


    Then count forward 10 weeks from Thanksgiving week, remembering that we get two weeks off for Christmas and New Year.  That takes you through winter quarter.  The 11th week will be finals week.  The following week would be our break between winter and spring quarters.


    Final exams in Spring 2017 will be either 11 or 12 weeks out from that break, depending on where Memorial Day falls.  Spring Quarter has to be finished by Memorial Day because summer classes begin the day after.  If the calendar allows a break at Easter, then we get the week after Easter Sunday off.  If a week off would push Spring Quarter final exams past Memorial Day, though, then we don't get a break.


    Maybe it's usually easier to find the Academic Catalog and look the calendar up, but this is how I've always figured out dates when I'm at the dentist's office trying to schedule appointments months into the future.

    - See more at: http://www.msoe.edu/activity#sthash.DlkyJPvs.dpuf

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      Andrew Dressel

      This is all fascinating, but I don't understand why MSOE seems to go out of its way to keep the academic calendar so vague. The one provided at http://www.msoe.edu/event-calendar doesn't even mention when classes resume after the holidays (seriously); and the one provided at http://www.msoe.edu/docs/DOC-2176,

      which appears to be just a copy from the catalog, doesn't explicitly state when exam week starts and stops. We are left to guess, or attempt to derive, if "end of winter quarter" means end of classes or end of exam week.


      What is the deal? Why can't we have a simple, official calendar that explains when classes start and stop and when exams start and stop? How on earth can it make sense for everyone to be trying to figure it out from scratch and hoping that we don't make a mistake?

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    Kip Kussman

    Hi John-Paul-


    The academic calendar exits in a few places on the website in a variety of ways.  The main calendar is under student resources. I've included the link for you:  http://www.msoe.edu/community/campus-life/student-resources/page/2322/academic-calendar You can always search for it in the search bar at the top of the page. The search function will return four categories: pages, content, places and people.  Since the calendar is a page on the site, it will be in the first return.  We recently reconfigured the entire search functionality, so hopefully you will have an easier time finding what you are looking for.