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Edit profile page has duplicate fields

Cody Lettau

When filling in my profile, the page contains duplicate fields (numerous). Just a heads up!


(Possible fix)

In the Jive Admin Console, navigate to the User tab and profile management section and ensure duplicates are not present. Another possible cause would be an issue with the template being used. Or just contact the great support team at Jive!




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    Digital Marketing

    Hi Cody!  This actually means you tried to complete your profile in a non-traditional way.  We will clean that up for you right away.

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      Cody Lettau

      Thanks for getting it cleaned up! I Although, I did complete the profile by using the "Edit Profile & Privacy" option in the dropdown (clicking on my name in the nav menu). From my experience with the Jive platform, that's the typical way to modify your profile info. In any case, I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it was something that you wanted to look into.


      Maybe it was just an issue loading the page when I was editing my profile because now it does not have the duplicate fields (as you see in my original post).


      Thanks for the help!