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Blackboard Mobile Learn

Martin Draganov

Why does MSOE not have access to the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for Android and iOS? I feel like the app would be of use to students to check on announcements, look at content, etc. without having to power on their laptops and log into blackboard. Nearly every student has a mobile phone with apps and I feel that since everything is mobile anyways it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for the school to get the license. Do any of my fellow students see any benefits to having access to the app?

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    Zach Crouse

    MSOE does have access to it, however you have to pay for it. You can always check blackboard using the browser on your phone for free. This option is sufficient for all my needs. As for the charge to access the mobile app that's a question for either Frederick Berry or some other VP. Many schools provide the blackboard mobile app service for free. For us it costs $2 for 6 months or $6 for unlimited

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    Frederick Berry

    Martin I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Also, Zach thanks for the tag. I wanted to get the correct information before I responded. We have expanded our Blackboard service by having Blackboard be the host and not MSOE. We are now considering additional Blackboard services including the Mobil App but we need to get input from the faculty, staff and students. This will take sometime.