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Some additional pointers when accessing your MSOE Box account

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Recently, MSOE rolled out an enterprise collaboration and cloud storage solution to students, faculty, and staff powered by Box.com.


I was working with a student to access their account and thought some additional info would be useful:


Access Box:

1. Navigate to box.msoe.edu (Or click box from the Hub launch pad!)
2. Log in using your @msoe.edu email address and password when prompted (For those logged into Hub already you will be directed to the site automatically)


Your account will be auto provisioned upon first login and you will be presented with the MSOE Box interface.


Check out the FAQ's posted at: IT: Information Technology Department

Additional resources are available from Box at:  User Resources | Customer Success Corner


Still having log in issues? Some additional troubleshooting steps include:


  • Be sure to choose "My company uses single sign on" when logging into the apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  • Clear your files and cookies from your browser (Ctrl-shift-delete for most modern browsers)
  • Attempt the login from another PC or browser to rule out any additional local environment issues
  • Scan for any malware.  (My personal go to program is Malwarebytes)


I hope this helps, and I am interested to hear how the service is working for everyone.


Fred Wood


Sr. Systems Administrator